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    Ahyaha is at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative initiatives. These are either spearheaded by the foundation's internal team or facilitated through grant funding. The foundation's initiatives are meticulously crafted to positively influence three key demographics: families, women, and children, as delineated in the foundation's strategic map. To accomplish its strategic objectives and address priority issues within the community, the foundation employs two distinct methods of grant allocation:

    Focused Grants:

    These are strategic grants earmarked for the foundation's priority categories and issues. They receive substantial funding, effort, and attention, reflecting their importance to the foundation's mission and objectives.

    Diversified Grants:

    These grants support a range of community issues that align with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. They extend beyond the scope of focused grants and do not necessarily involve the foundation's priority beneficiary categories directly or indirectly. These diversified grants allow the foundation to address a broader range of issues within the community, thereby contributing to the overall development and progress of the society.

    Through these grant allocation methods, Ahyaha Foundation is able to effectively channel its resources to drive impactful change in alignment with its mission and the broader national vision.

    The Ahyaha Foundation disburses its support through two primary channels: Financial Grants and Consultative Grants. These are designed to suit diverse needs and scenarios, as detailed below:

    Financial Grants:

    Financial grants constitute the principal activity of the foundation. These are allocated as per the foundation's strategic and operational plans and are guided by the criteria and procedural steps outlined in our grant manual. This ensures alignment with the targeted impacts and the designated areas of financial grants.

    In the case of financial grants, the foundation adopts a supportive, yet non-intrusive, stance. While we provide the necessary funding and backing for initiatives, we refrain from direct involvement in daily operations. We collaborate with our partners to devise and execute initiatives, supplying oversight and support, but the specifics of implementation are left to the partner organizations.

    Consultative Grants:

    These grants leverage the expertise of the foundation's staff, experts, and consultants to offer knowledge and tools to charitable organizations. Unlike the hands-off approach with financial grants, consultative grants involve active management and supervision from the foundation. This is to ensure the efficacy of the grants and the successful implementation of the initiatives they support.

    Through these two types of grants, the Ahyaha Foundation extends multifaceted support to drive sustainable development in our communities.

    The Ahyaha Foundation strategically channels its grants into specific areas to maximize impact and effectively address the community's developmental needs. These focus areas are outlined as follows:


    The foundation is invested in elevating the role of women in society, with particular emphasis on two aspects: -

    •   Strengthening the Mother's Role in Family Development:
      Recognizing the crucial role of mothers in shaping the family unit, Ahyaha Foundation supports initiatives that enhance their contribution to family development.
    •  Empowering Female Leaders:
    • The foundation is committed to fostering women's leadership skills, empowering them to drive change within their communities.


    The development of children's cognitive and moral skills is another area of focus. The foundation invests in programs that provide children with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to become responsible and productive members of society.


    The foundation's third focus is on entire family units, with a particular emphasis on: -

    • Empowering and Educating Families:
    • Ahyaha Foundation supports initiatives aimed at equipping families with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive, recognizing that strong families form the backbone of a healthy community.

      Through these strategic focus areas, the Ahyaha Foundation seeks to play a significant role in community development and enhancement.

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