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    FAQs about Ahyaha Humanity Foundation

    Does Ahyaha Humanity Foundation support individuals or institutions?

    Ahyaha Humanity Foundation supports innovative projects by official entities, whether they are government, non-profit, or private sector entities. It does not support individuals or any project that is not under an authorized official entity.

    Does Ahyaha Humanity Foundation  support projects outside the Kingdom?

    Ahyaha Humanity Foundation only supports projects within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in all its regions and provinces.

    Can an organization outside Saudi Arabia partner with Ahyaha Humanity Foundation?

    Organizations are not allowed to contract or agree with countries, organizations, or international institutions, except after the approval of the ministry and the competent authority.

    What are the most important strategic issues that the organization adopts?

    Strategic issues are the vital issues of the organization that guide it to achieve its vision, define its framework, and are considered a priority for the organization’s work and interests.

    • Contributing to creating a developmental impact in society
    • Sustainability of supported projects and initiatives
    • Innovation and quality
    • Comprehensive institutional building
    • Qualified and cohesive team

    Does Ahyaha Humanity Foundation support other projects outside the field of women, children, and family?

    Yes, Ahyaha Humanity Foundation supports projects that are outside the scope of the central grants, provided that they are innovative in their concept and implementation.

    What are the areas of grants at Ahyaha Humanity Foundation?

    Ahyaha Humanity Foundation’s grants program is divided into two types: central grants and diverse grants. Central grants, which focus on women, children, and families, account for 60% of the total grants, while diverse grants account for 40% of the total grants.

     What is a diverse grant?

    A grant that aims to contribute to a variety of issues that represent a community need and priority, or programs related to the Saudi Vision 2030, and any initiative or project that does not fall within the scope of the focused grant issues, and it is not required to be within the beneficiary groups directly or indirectly. The diverse grant provides flexibility to the strategy of the Ahyaha Foundation to support innovative projects in various fields.

    How can I share my project idea with you?


    By sending it to our email address:  info@ahyaha.org

    What are the grant conditions at Ahyaha Humanity Foundation?

    • To meet the Ahyaha Foundation’s standards
    •  The entity must be legally and financially sound
    • The project must be innovative and not repeated before
    • The scope of the project must be within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    • The project must be financially and morally sustainable


    Where can I find the foundation’s news, activities, and latest updates?

    Our website is always up-to-date with the latest news and information about our projects. We hope you’ll take a look: https://ahyaha.org/


    Are there opportunities for volunteering with the foundation?

    We would love to have you volunteer with us. We will post any volunteer opportunities that we have on the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development’s Volunteering Platform: https://nvg.gov.sa/

    Does the foundation have any job openings?

    If you wish to be employed by Ahyaha Humanitarian Foundation, you can send your CV with the job title in the subject by mail : Hr@ahyaha.org



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