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    The Abdulaziz bin Talal and Sora bint Saud Foundation for Human Development, also known as Ahyaha, was established in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. This non-profit community organization is dedicated to driving sustainable development initiatives and bolstering innovative programs that contribute to the betterment of society. Positioning itself as a developmental incubator for humanitarian entrepreneurship, Ahyaha launched its inaugural program with a series of nationwide community initiatives. These ranged from promoting traffic safety and supporting family-oriented professions to adopting smart systems in Saudi family trade, among others. His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, affirmed the Foundation's integral role in collaborating with governmental, private, and non-profit entities to support sustainable humanitarian projects. Acknowledging the significant evolution in societal living patterns, he emphasized the Foundation’s commitment to reconcile the needs of individuals and their communities, both now and for future generations. Her Highness Princess Sora bint Saud bin Saad Al-Saud, Vice-Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees, stressed the need to nurture an environment that inspires and attracts every program serving humanity. She noted the Foundation's keen focus on programs and projects that have a transformative impact, extending beyond their immediate beneficiaries to potential partners in serving humanity, society, and future generations. Ahyaha Foundation is also committed to implementing interactive community programs that are not only effective but also aim to empower its target audiences. The goal is to encourage individuals to become active participants in their communities rather than mere recipients of services or products.

    To be at the forefront of sustainable philanthropy, driving enhancements in quality of life.

    We are committed to being a catalyst for change by promoting enhanced quality of life and the advancement of civil society. As a grant-making organization, our mission is to support innovative initiatives that deliver impactful and sustainable development outcomes.

    * Studying the social conditions related to the causes of individual and family happiness, and conducting research in this area.
    * Publish periodic indicators on happiness, human development, and community initiatives.
    * Support outstanding social initiatives.
    * Work with the government to develop society and improve the lives of individuals, and help them overcome challenge.
    * Raise awareness of the dangers facing society through specialized programs and projects.

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