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    Tarahum and Ataa and Namah signed a framework agreement to support the development of housing for prisoners and ex-prisoners.

    It is our duty to emphasize the importance of meeting the needs of families and providing them with a safe and stable life. In conjunction with the International Day of Families, a framework agreement was signed by the following organizations: the Abdulaziz bin Talal and Sora bint Saud Foundation for Humanitarian Development (Ahyaa), the National Committee for the Care of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners (Tarahum), and the Ataa and Namah Association for the Development of Housing, to empower professional craft workers and enhance the national workforce in the preparation of suitable residential furniture for families of prisoners, we hope to be a source of support and assistance for the exchange of experiences and sharing of aspirations.




    تواصل معنا واتساب